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Excel export

The following dialog will let you customize your Excel export output as of SmartPLS version 3.2.2.


Exclude large matrices

If you choose YES, large matrices will not be rendered in the Excel output file. We consider a matrix as large if number of rows multiplied with numbers of columns exceeds 1 million values (e.g. a 10 x 100.000 matrix).

Render navigation sheet

If you choose YES, the first sheet in the Excel output file will be a table of content with clickable navigation links to all result. As these links only work in Microsoft Excel we recommend to disable the option if you´ll open the file in Open Office or Apple´s Numbers application.

Render graphs

If you choose YES, all graphs will be rendered on a separate sheet. Choose NO if you don´t want any graphs in your Excel output.

Plain layout

We provide two different layouts for the Excel output. Choose YES if you prefer a plain output with less colors.

Use streaming API

We create Excel output with different APIS. Generally you should enable the YES which is also the default option. This usually helps to prevent out-of-memory exceptions. There might be compatibility problems with different Excel versions or other tools (Open Office, Apple Numbers). If you have any difficulties to open the created Excel files, please set this option to NO.


Plain layout style example 

Rich layout style example

How to solve out-of-memory problem!

During an Excel export an "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" error may occur.

In this case you should at first try to use the stream API by setting the according option to YES.

If this does not help you should allocate more memory to SmartPLS.